Enjoy the Rural Life in Forked Island LA


Forked Island, LA is a populated place that is located in Vermilion Parish. To the locals, you pronounce “Forked” as “Fork-id”, so be sure to brush up on your Louisiana accents before heading over! When you do make your trip, you won’t be stopped by traffic lights. Forked Island is a rural area and is dominated by the locals, who know where to eat, shop and have fun.

You may not find yourself driving through Forked Island, but it sure is a great place to visit. If you’re an avid bird watcher, driving down the Intracoastal Waterway near Little Prairie will provide ample opportunities to see rare bird species. There are also plenty of spots to fish and hunt, enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounds every encounter in Forked Island.

Although they’re not open to the public, it’s exciting to know that alligator farms also exist in Forked Island. These farms are different because they raise alligators and other reptiles from their infancy, when they are first collected in eggs from the wild. You can also discover some interesting places that tell a story such as the ferry landing or the old crab processing plant that was never opened.

Forked Island is one of the many places that is located in Vermilion Parish, which is known as the most Cajun place on Earth! The people here are proud of the legacies they live and the tributes they pay to the culture and heritage of Vermilion Parish. When you come to visit Forked Island, you can enjoy the other nearby places that also offer pristine fishing and hunting.

If you’re looking for great shrimp burgers, stop in at the Cajun Diner. Or, relax with a drink in hand at Skinney’s, where you’ll be surprised to see a recliner sitting behind the bar. If you find yourself out and about early in the morning, Stelly’s will be one of the few places that are open. Fortunately, you can get just about anything here. You can also visit Maw and Paw’s for bait and tackle. Yes – Forked Island is a quaint little town that has so much hospitality to offer.

Fortunately, all of the areas located within Vermilion Parish are accessible from major highways. For example, Forked Island is located where LA 82 begins. This makes it easy to plan your adventure, whether you choose to stay a day or several!

Image Source: tripwow.tripadvisor.com

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