April is the Month for Tuna Fishing


Coastal Louisiana is a hot-spot for tuna fishing during the month of April! Fishers are taking advantage of this opportunity and fishing in the fertile waters just off the mouth of the river. Josh Howard from Deep South Charters was happy to report his success with fishing for tuna, even when the waters didn’t cooperate. Even on the slow days, Howard was able to bring back plenty of meat, some fish weighing in at over 100 lbs!

Tuna fishing off Louisiana's coast

Tuna fishing off Louisiana's coast


Indeed, some days the seas were a bit rough, but plenty of fishers have enjoyed calm seas off the coast of Louisiana, being able to catch their own yellowfin to bring home. Fortunately for Howard, the rough sea forecasts didn’t stop him from setting out to fish. And with no other charter boats on the water these days, the sea was open ground for tuna.

April continues to be a great time to fish for tuna, which is why so many charter boats are stocking up every day they can. These offshore trips are certainly worth taking, especially with the huge yellowfin and blackfin that are hungry for bait! Yellowfin and blackfin tuna can be caught in Louisiana all year round, but April’s pleasant weather makes it a perfect time to explore the fishing the area has to offer. Average temperatures in April are in the high 70s, very agreeable for outdoors excursions!

Tuna in the Mississippi can meet and exceed 100-150+ pounds. Deep waters of certain areas in the river, like the Mississippi Canyons, attract tuna that are otherwise only seen in bigger waters. April brings more predictable behavioral patterns for tuna, so a catch is easier to snare. Be prepared for adventure, though; these tuna put up quite a fight and can take an hour to reel in!

Those worried about fishing in Louisiana after last year’s oil spill can rest easier with firsthand fisherman accounts of clear waters. If you can’t make the trip just yet you can live vicariously on the Sportsman channel with a new Louisiana fishing television show debuting this month.

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